Almighty Vidyalaya Public School is under the aegis of Madhurambiga Educational Trust. The genesis of the school lies ‘Return to the society what you owe to it.’A group of people pledged to dedicate themself for people of town. Among many community schemes, setting a good school was on priority.



AVPS has collaborated with Erocon as its consultancy partner for quality assurance & delivering benchmark education. The Front runner School program of Erocon has enabled a number of schools to strive for new academic heights and new learning experience to students.
EROCON’s cutting edge technology and expertise as school consultants in imparting education are being sought by both existing and emerging schools. With years of experience, EROCON has the knowledge to maximize school’s performance to the highest standard



India’s Exclusive Online Assessment & testing platform to prepare for School as well as competitive examinations.
PATS India has been set up on themodel of Educational Testing Services (ETS) of USA. The test modules synchronised with course plans acts as catalyst to the student preparation and works as a toool for parents’ & teachers’ as a progress monitor.


EROSE Educational Infotech

‘Erose’ has been providing its expertise through its JEE/ Medical / Foundation coaching programs to some very prestigious schools. The organization has a good track record in terms of result and services to many schools across the country. Erose is a well known name in the field of competitive Entrance Exams. During the past three decades, Erose has enabled thousands in turning their dreams and aspirations of becoming successful in life a day light reality.

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At AVPS, we cherish freedom of thought, expression, confidence and creativity. We believe that each child is a unique i...

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Almighty Early Birds

The pre primary student's day will begin with a base group session, a time to discuss and plan for the day ahead. Activ...

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Principal Message

“Reading makes a full man, Conference a ready man and writing an exact man” ...

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Almighty Vidhyalaya Public School is under the aegis of Madhurambiga Educational Trust. The genesis of the school lies ...

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