1. It is very important that changes in residence / office addresses and telephone numbers be communicated in writing to the office immediately whenever they occur.
  2. The School does not hold itself responsible for injuries sustained by pupil while

in the school. However, first aid will be rendered immediately and injuries necessitating Hospital / OPD treatment attended to, without delay.

  1. Pupils are advised not to have private tuitions. Parents are urged to encourage their children to do their daily work diligently and honestly and to pay utmost attention to the studies in the class room. If there is real need for help contact the Principal.
  2. Parents are encouraged to have their children undergo medical examination regularly for general well being, especially dental, eye and ear care.
  3. Pupils should not bring valuables money to school. They are also not allowed to bring magazines, pictures or books / CDs / pendrives  other than prescribed text books expect when asked by the teacher.
  4. Students found possessing any reading, viewing or other materials of indecent nature are liable to rustication without notice.
  5. Every pupil should take care of his / her personal belongings. School authorities do not assume the responsibility for loss of such belongings.
  6. Name of the student and class should be marked on the personal belongings to facilitate recovery when lost in the school premises.



  1. Parents / pupils (individually or collectively) are forbidden to give gifts to teachers. Neither parties, nor gift presentations by students or parents on birthdays of students or such occasions are allowed. A token gift of a flower or a sweet may be allowed.
  2. Collection of funds for whatever use is forbidden without prior permission of the Principal. Students shall not sell or take orders for any merchandise in school or in the name of the School.
  3. Pupils are required to behave politely and avoid use of indecent language or actions injurious to the feelings of fellow students, teachers or others in this school. Any such behavior indicative of hurting others’ caste or community will attract serious disciplinary action.
  4. No student shall indulge in any of the following practices namely:
  • Disfiguring or otherwise damaging any School property
  • Smoking
  • Any form of gambling
  • Use of drugs or intoxicants, expect on prescription by a doctor
  • Rowdyism and rude behavior
  • Use of violence in any form
  • Casteism and communalism
  • Use of obscene language and / or causing hurt to the reputation of others.
  • Playing truant during classes which will be viewed as a serious offence.
  1. Serious violation of the rules and regulations and the discipline in punishable and may result including removal or expulsion from the School. Such action normally follow a written warning either as a note to the parents or in the discipline card maintained by Class teacher, to facilitate improvement in conduct.
  2. Immediate suspension and / or even rustication will follow if the continued presence of the defaulting student is damaging to the physical and moral well-being of other students and of the school, or if the violation is punishable seriously at the Board level, such as unfair practice at the examination.
  3. In the absence of the Teacher from the classroom, pupils are required to observe silence and obey the Monitor of the class. While travelling by school bus, they are expected to follow the instructions of the conductor.
  4. Students are not allowed to enter classrooms other than their own.
  5. Pupils may be required to take part in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities even outside School hours. When so required, participation will be deemed compulsory.
  6. Staying away from mandatory school functions, including Annual day and Sports Day without prior permission and / or justification will be considered a discipline default.
  7. Each student’s safety is a major concern of the School. Therefore the following should be strictly observed.
  • Students should wear the identity card with the school uniform.
  • Parents of primary students are required to teach their children their names, address and telephone numbers.
  • If the child has to go to a place other than the regular one, a note from the parents must be sent to School requesting permission and stating the reason for the child to go to a different address after school.
    1. Students are responsible to school authorities for their conduct not only in the School but also for their general behavior outside. Any report or observed objectionable conduct outside the School on the part of the pupils will make them liable to disciplinary action. Through their good behavior, they enhance the prestige of the School and family.
    2. Parents are advised to inform the Principal about any problem they face regarding their children keeping in mind that it is only with sincerity and openness of the parents that the School will be able to help their child to become a well adjusted person with good character and right attitudes. Needless to say that disclosures made will be treated with utmost confidentiality.
    3. A student involved in any incident even outside the School which brings discredit to the school either because of unpleasant nature or inviting criminal or legal action by police or the court will be dismissed from school without further enquiry.
    4. Any student found travelling at odd hours with fellow students in a motorized vehicle without parent’s permission and / or without a proper valid licence will be liable for disciplinary action, if this is brought to the notice of the School authorities.
    5. No child can come to the school driving a two wheeler or a four wheeler.



Library books are issued to the pupils once a week on the day fixed for each class. They       must be returned after a week and if required may be re-issued.

  1. Students must acquire the habit of reading as it is important for their educational process. Parents are required to urge their children to cultivate this habit.
  2. Students are expected to take care of the library books. Writing or making on a book is strictly forbidden. Damage / loss of books while in possession of the student will have to be made good by the student in whose name the book has been issued.
  3. A Book review on those books borrowed must be submitted while returning the book.
  4. A fine of Rs.1.00 will be collected from the student for everyday after the due date of returning the book to the library.
  5. If in case, a library book is lost, it is the responsibility of the student to replace the same book (newly purchased from the market) or the library will collect the cost of the book plus processing fee of 25% from the cost of the book. For example if the cost of book is 100/- then the student will have to pay Rs. 125.00(cost + processing fee).




  1. Students who avail the school bus service should report to the assigned pick-up point atleast 5 minutes before the stipulated time.
  2. A pupil will not be permitted to board a bus other than the one to which he / she is assigned.
  3. Students will board the bus in an orderly manner, giving due priority to younger students.
  4. Any request to change the bus route / stop must be submitted to the transport incharge prior to the change that is to be made. Bus monitors shall be assigned to help maintain discipline.
  5. The following acts are considered serious violations:
  6. Discourtesy and disobedience to the driver or conductor.
  7. Changing places frequently while the bus is in motion.
  8. Discourtesy to other children.
  9. Pushing and jostling when boarding the bus.
  10. Trying to distract the bus driver’s attention.
  11. Destroying bus property.

Note: Payment for damage will be required before the offender is reinstated on the bus.

  1. In the event of a child being involved in a disciplinary problem the Principal, at his / her discretion, may take any disciplinary action, even suspending the offender from the use of bus.
  2. The bus service is liable to be withdrawn or changed from any areas and when it is not found to be feasible. Transport charges vary according to the distances.
  3. The school is not responsible for any student who boards a wrong bus from school by intent or goes to another student’s house without explicit information from the parent verified by the school authority.


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