Vision & Mission



Don’t take rest after your first victory because if you fail in second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck.”

                                                  – A.P.J Abdul Kalam

                          AVPS – Vision

Nature is the best educator. It is universal, absolute and non-contradictory in its traits. We intend AVPS students to inherit its completeness. Thus they will be humanitarian in approach, deft at adaption, innovative and resourceful in the times of crisis and global in their outlook. In short, complete human being who  carve a home  for themselves in any global grid.

                         AVPS – Mission

  • To work towards becoming healthy, sensible, well-rounded, complete human being through academic, aesthetic and athletic activities.
  • To develop a social climate in the school which models international understanding, community service and acceptance of cooperation with the diverse culture respected by the school community.
  • To focus on building self-esteem and leadership abilities to educate for lifelong learning with an uncompromising commitment to excellence.
  • To provide a safe and nurturing community where diversity is celebrated and mutual respect among children and adults is practiced.
  • To create an environment where children are challenged with educational opportunities.
  • To create a platform where teachers, parents and children involve together to create a new social awakening.

From the chairman’s desk:

“One who changes after the change, survives,…

One who changes with the change, succeeds…..

One who causes the change, LEADS…..!”

Changes are inevitable. Let us accept the positive changes gracefully and succeed in life. May all the students of AVPS learn to lead.

I strongly believe….child is our seed  ground and all our educational activities should be child centered .The real aim of education is to ensure all –round development and growth of the student .Education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself .School plays a vital role in shaping the personality of the E-generation in the right path. Needless to say that these youngsters are the ”TORCH BEARERS” of dream India. The youth are already talented .All that we need to do is to nurture it , to groom it ,to preserve  and protect it.

We in AVPS, mould in such a way. Each student is provided with a platform for to explore their environment to learn enhance their talents, instill disciplinary values and venture into the world with a multitude of academic and cultural activities.

Education is not confined to text books and within the four walls of the class room alone. It is something more and beyond. Students have to explore and experiment.

May GOD BLESS all of us and keep ever under the mantle of HIS, providing grace!

“Nothing is equal to Hard work”.


From the Principal’s desk:

“Reading makes a full man,

Conference a ready man and writing an exact man”

-Francis Bacon.

In God’s creation , children are the most beautiful and

wonderful !. Every child has a stamp of uniqueness that needs to be respected and cherished. The child’s originality has to be identified by the teacher and help the child to discover himself or herself.

I urge the students to express themselves in areas of their interest , to participate in all wholesome activities and waste no times. Academics, Physical fitness and developing noble values that already lie within each of you should be your focus, as those will stand you in good stead.

I am passionate about students being empowered to succeed. As a Principal, I use all the tools available to inspire staff, students and community to work together to promote student achievement and well being.

The school is a place where children are encouraged to say:

“  I  see it, I get it and I can do it”.

“ God ’s  best gift to us is not things, but opportunities”.

“Arise, Awake and stop not until the goal is reached”.

Swami Vivekananda.

Welcome to AVPS,  Best Wishes for a Happy Academic!!!!!.




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